AWE, the Artist and the Art Therapist

Venn diagram with AWE.jpg

I am often asked just exactly what AWE is . Here is a handy Venn diagram to compare the difference what an artist and art therapist do. And what AWE does.

Integrating arts and creativity into your routine at home, at work and for play, enriches your life and helps you to thrive not strive. I offer wellness intentioned art classes at my classroom studio. I often co-facilitate with other wellness practitioners, creating art projects fitting the specific needs of their clients, or around an appropriate theme. I offer Arts in Health direction to hospitals, professionals, and corporations. Workshops, team building, and event planning is also available. Check out the AWE gallery at the Palace Center in downtown Erie for Gallery nights. I curate and exhibit accomplished artists to inspire the community. I include poets and musicians in the gallery night event.